Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday April 9th

A1: KB row 10/10
A2: Thruster 10
A3: Swing 10/10

B1: Double Lunge 5/5
B2: Chase the Rabbit 10/10
B3: Pushup 10

C1: Lying toe touch :30
C2: Pleasant valley :30
C3: Plank :30

Burpees/swings Tabta-style :20 on /:10 off
8 rounds

Lead Boots
Hindu Squat 26
Reverse lunge 12/12
Jump Squat 26
Jump Lunge 12/12

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Row, thrust, swing, double lunge, chase the rabbit....sounds like a Midieval episode of Bugs Bunny. No, just another beautiful day of Boot Camp with Master Dave. I came home to enjoy my endorphines which I acquired outdoors. (Does that make them outdoorphines?) Great day, thanks!